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Welcome to the 2012 Cherry Pie!

Updated February 10nd, 2012

  1. When you check in, please have your OBRA license card so we can document your OBRA bib number with your entry. This helps OBRA coordinate your results in their database. If you bought your OBRA license online, please bring your receipt.
  2. DON'T even bring your OBRA lycra bibs. We're providing each rider with two tyvek bibs; one for the right side and one for the back (to be pinned on the lower left side, horizontally, across the pockets). The back number is for the race official.

New for 2012

  1. Online Registration through OBRA. Registration closes 10am Saturday, February 18th. PLEASE use this service rather than snail-mailing an entry. With postage, it's likely more expensive to mail it in.
  2. Prizes will all be cash this year. No medals. No gift certificates.
  3. Staging will be t at Santiam Christian High School located at 7220 NE Arnold Ave, Adair Village, OR. (OK, this is not "new for 2012")
  4. Women 5 have been combined with Women 4.

    The links to the left contain all race information.  As time permits, we will add the info to this area of the site.  For now, try the links.  If they don't work, let us at james "dash" fischer "at" comcast "dot" net. If you'd like to talk to someone (about the race, that is), call Jim Fischer at 541.990.8979.